International Industrial Services Company

Business Development Consulting Services Engagement

situation overviewSituation and Business Problem to be addressed:

  • As part of the client’s continuing growth strategy, client wanted to understand opportunities for expansion into Mexico (phase I) and key countries in South America (phase II).
  • Organic growth, acquisition and licensing alternatives needed to be assessed as potential expansion strategies.
  • Phase I and Phase II market opportunities were not understood and defined; executable marketing and business plans were needed.
  • Operational assistance required in pursuing acquisition and/or licensing agreements.

Group Lamerica approach and solution:

  • Complete market study in Mexico to understand opportunity for client’s industrial services, competition, legal and regulatory environment.
  • Identify potential acquisition and licensing agreement candidates (for both Phase I and II).
  • Develop business case and risk analysis for each of the three basic expansion strategies, including pro-forma financial projections.
  • Prepare  business plan for first three years of operation in Mexico.
  • Actively assist in establishing in-country subsidiary and an initial brand development initiative.


  • Presented client with a business plan and recommendations for expansion through organic growth and acquisition.
  • Assisted client with due diligence of acquisition candidates, and initial stages of contract negotiations.
  • Identified licensing candidates in four countries in Latin America; completed due diligence on each candidate and assisted in closing targeted candidates for each country.

Additional Group Lamerica Client Involvements

Networking Systems Company
Identify/qualify new in-country distributors in South/Central America and Mexico

Specialty Consumer Products Company
Study/assess Mexican market and provide plan for market entry

Operations & Logistics Consulting Company
In an intermediary role, provide business development services targeting new customers

Oil & Gas Production Services Company
Develop Mexico expansion feasibility study

Medical/Surgical Products Company
Identify/qualify new medical products distributors for three countries

Physical Security Products Manufacturing Company
Establish in-country presence in Mexico; recruit/hire country general manager

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