Export Consulting Services

Whether exporting to a specific country, across several countries or throughout the Latin American region, our Export Consulting and Services, grounded in our 35+ plus years experience operating in the Latin American region, will help you understand the myriad of issues, avoid the pitfalls... and establish a successful export (and import) process for your business in Latin America.

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Typical Issues
  • Lack of export & import training
  • Barriers... LOCs, certificates of origin, resource facilities, regulatory compliance
  • Pricing & currency
  • Dealing with cultural differences
  • Documentation requirements
  • Local language communications ... negotiations, web site, materials
Typical Pitfalls
  • Knowledge of political climate... local, state, federal
  • Currency/exchange rate stability
  • Understanding product certification processes
  • Export financing... credit terms, cost of capital, available sources
  • Adequate staffing... export department, in-country
  • Lack of market knowledge/strategy
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act requirements


Let Group Lamerica Help


  • Export strategy and operational plan development.
  • Export market... assessment of opportunity, issues and pitfalls as directly related to your business.
  • Trade-off analysis... financing, facilities.
  • Competitive situation and direct competitor analysis.


  • Export training.
  • Due-diligence on potential partners... brokers, distributors, resource facilities.
  • Managing certifications and documentation (LOCs, certificates of origin, legal, bills of lading, pro-formas) and export compliance processes.
  • Develop staffing plans, role & organizational needs.
  • Staff recruitment.
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