Group Lamerica Engagement Model

Our client engagements, projects and assignments can involve one or more of our professional services. Our role can range from consultant/advisor to responsibility for deployment, execution and operations.

Each client engagement starts with an agreement with the client on 1) objectives and deliverable expectations, 2) identification of key issues and questions, and 3) the framework and parameters for making decisions and recommendations.

Every Group Lamerica project involves some level of business development services, even if the client’s needs are more for operational services. In general,

  • We are engaged to understand a business or market opportunity and provide recommendations for pursuing the opportunity, and assuming a “GO” recommendation, a plan and next steps to address the opportunity.
  • We typically are further engaged to work with the client in executing plans and recommendations through our operational services.

Project Duration

As you would expect, each engagement and project are unique. In very general terms, given the importance of strategies and decisions to successfully expand internationally, our experience has shown that most projects can be completed using the following guidelines.

Project Phase Direct Effort (weeks) Elapsed Time(weeks)
Business Development Services
Project Definition 1 - 2 1 - 3
Project Execution 4 - 12 6 - 15
Management Reviews 1 - 3 2 - 4
Operational Services  
Action Plan Development 2 - 3 2 - 4
Execution Phase 8 + 12 +
Client Handoff 4 - 6 6 - 8
Post-engagement Reviews As required by client 

Our strengths are best utilized when the objective is to jump start and realize tangible results in 3-6 months!

Professional Fees and Compensation

Our professional fees are tied directly to the amount of direct effort we expend in providing our services to a client project and engagement. Depending on the project, our compensation can be a combination of retainer, weekly or monthly fees for professionals engaged in a project and an earnable percentage of results achieved.

In addition to professional fee compensation, any travel, phone, contracted services (e.g. market research) and incidental operational expenses are billed to the client at our 0ut-of-pocket cost.

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