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Business Development Growth and Expansion

In today’s business environments, companies are constantly being challenged with increasing revenues, profitability and shareholder value. These challenges encompass a number of aspects such as establishing presence in new markets, finding initiatives for sustaining and adding growth, and diversifying and restructuring to improve efficiencies and operations.

consulting graphAn international presence, particularly in Latin America, can be an effective approach to responding to such challenges.

At the point when your new business and product-market initiatives become critical business and strategic needs, particularly if international geographical expansion is a desired initiative, planning and execution success will require knowledge and experience in the local market, culture, government structure and regulations, business environment and leverageable relationships.

And, you will need proven, focused and results-driven international partner(s) to help you succeed and deliver the results meeting your expectations.

The partner should have the ability to:

  • Work with both US- and Latin America-based companies.
  • Provide active role involvement ranging from consultant/advisor to intermediary to assuming responsibility and accountability for deployment, execution and operations.
  • Capture and deliver value through tangible performance objectives.

Group Lamerica is such a partner!

Whether in a specific country, staged across several countries or throughout the Latin American region, our engagements involve our business development consulting services, and typically extend to the use of our operational services and export consulting services.

Our business development consulting services engagements typically are tied to a strategic and/or business need that involves 1) a potential new business or product-market opportunity, 2) starting a new business or joint venture, 3) establishing or developing in-country or in-region distribution or 4) restructuring or divesting an established business or operation.

In structuring a business development services project engagement:

  • We work with each client to develop a situational overview of key issues and questions that the project work must address, and key metrics for making decisions on recommendations;
  • The initial phase involves some level of analysis and assessment of the relevant business sector and product-market;
  • The analysis/assessment phase results in validation of the opportunity, and a process for refining findings, selecting viable alternatives and planning; and
  • The engagement ends with clear recommendations, executable plans and/or next steps for deployment and execution.

Our Engagement Model

Solutions We Have Delivered


Why Group Lamerica?

Group Lamerica takes ownership for and is committed to our client’s success in participating in Latin American markets in order to realize business growth and value and capitalize on new business opportunities. We have:

  • 35+years experience in doing business in Latin America,
  • Extensive, executive-level personal relationships in Mexico, and all countries in Central/South America and the Caribbean,
  • In-depth knowledge of legal structures… tariff, taxation, free trade agreements, business formation and regulatory compliance, and
  • Proven ability to deliver results.
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