Broad Range of Successful Client Projects… Actionable Deliverables… Real Results!

- Client engagements covering U.S., Mexico and Latin America.
- Range of industries and product/service markets.
- Involved our consulting and operational services.

Some of our successful client engagements and projects include…

Client Company

Country Focus

Industrial Equipment & Service

Brazil, Mexico

Global Medical Equipment

South America, Mexico

Telecom Software Development


Industrial Waste Services

South America, Mexico

Networking Systems Products & Services

South America, Mexico

Global Information Technology

South/Central America, Mexico

Specialty Chemical Products Processor


Food Processing/Manufacturing

Argentina, US

Physical Security Products Manufacturing


Oil & Gas Production Services


Process Automation Equipment

Chile, Peru

Medical/Surgical Products Manufacturing

Argentina, Chile, Mexico

Specialty Consumer Products


Retail Merchandising Systems

U.S., Mexico

clients benefited

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