For most businesses, continuing to drive growth and profitability is an on-going challenge. Geographic expansion can be a viable strategy for achieving both objectives, but key questions need to be addressed. For instance...

 - Missing opportunities?
 - Viability of new markets of interest?
 - Doing business success prerequisites and key factors?
 - Need for partners?
 - Resourcing requirements?

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And further, if some expansion efforts have already been started,
are efforts meeting expectations or under-performing?

Our Clients Benefit from…

  • Proven international business experience…principals 60+ years, associates/affiliates 25+ years each, in-country.
  • Extensive relationships… Latin America and North America...public and private.
  • In-depth doing business know-how… legal/regulatory structures…import/ export compliance… government bureaucracies.
  • Grounding in local cultures, languages, nuances… Spanish and Portuguese fluency.
  • Sales channel experience… distribution… retail… dealer/ reseller…integrator.
  • Network of sources for opportunity and partner assessments, resourcing, due diligence, references.
  • Proven successful client results… sales channels built…partners found… new business start-ups… market entries.
  • Professional membership affiliations… US Department of Commerce accredited, international & executive advisory boards.

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