Argentina Business Opportunities

flag argentinaArgentina benefits from rich natural resources, a highly literate population, an export-oriented agricultural sector, and a diversified industrial base.

Map of Argentina
Key Industries:
Food-processing, Motor Vehicles, Consumer Durables, Textiles, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, Printing, Metallurgy, Steel
Key Imports:
Machinery, Motor Vehicles, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Organic Chemicals, Plastics
Key Exports:
Soybeans and Derivatives, Vehicles, Petroleum and Gas, Corn, Wheat

Trade Environment

Argentina DowntownIn 2016, after taking office, President Macri has taken significant steps to liberalize the economy, floated the Peso, negotiated debt payments with bond creditors and removed export controls on some commodities. 

Argentina's key trade agreement is the Mercosur pact, which includes Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela.

Business and Market Sector Opportunities

Transportation • Manufacturing • Agriculture • Communications • Retail Information Technology • Software Development • Oil and Gas

Economic Background and Situation

Argentina Prosperity

During 2013, the government continued with a mix of expansionary fiscal and monetary policies, and foreign exchange and import controls to limit drain on central bank reserves, which dropped $12.0 billion during the year; GDP grew at 3.0% and inflation remained at 25.0%. 

The election of pro-market president, Mauricio Macri in Nov 2015 is having an effect on changing the international perception of Argentina and helping boost foreign investment.


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Argentina Fast Facts

Capital: Buenos Aires
Key Cities: Mendoza, Cordoba, Comodoro Ravidavia, Rio Gallegos, Mar de Plata
Population 44.7 million ('18 E)
GDP Growth % 2.9 (‘18 E)
3.9 (‘19 E)
GDP 911.5 billion US$ ('17 E)
GDP per Capita 20,700 US$ ('17 E)
Inflation Rate (%) 34.3 (’18 E) 
Exports 59.6 billion US$ ('17 E)
Imports   60.8 billion US$ ('17 E)
Exchange Rate
Local Currency-US$
37.5 (’18 E)
E = Estimate F = Forecast
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