Business Relationships

Doing business in the local markets throughout the Latin American region requires extensive relationships in Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. In the 35+ years of combined executive-level management experience in all phases of business operations in Latin America, our principals and associates have built an extensive network of business relationships…all of which can leveraged as appropriate in delivering results for our clients.

These relationships include executives, professionals and industry experts in companies in many industry sectors.

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Argentina - IBM • Lenovo Argentina • Coasin Argentina • Ernst & Young • Marval & O’Farrell and Malral • PWC • Nokia • Rydsa • SIS - Comex Pereira

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Brazil - Itautec • Banco Bradesco • Pro Comp Ind. • Unisys • Jabil • Lenovo Brazil • IBM Brazil • Citrix • Connect • The Fast Company • Pro Partner

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Chile - Data Net Business Partners • Estudio Arturo Alessandri • Teknos Comm., S.A. • License on Line • Sonda • Agente Aduanas Gatica

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Colombia - Informatica • Comsel • Makro Computo • Instrumentacion Ltda. • Intersago Ltda

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Mexico - Banco Banamex • Banco Bancomer • Acumen Texas-NAFTA Office • Nokia Mexico • US/Mexico Trade Office • MPS • Ingram Micro Mexico • US Consul • BIMBO • AMD • Lenovo Mexico • Tech Data Mexico • Walmart Mexico • IBM de Mexico • MAPS • Agtel • Ericsson Mexico • Fin-Pro Mexico • ITT Consultones

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Venezuela - Indra Sistemas, S.A. • Kode Tecnologias, S.A. • Camara • Venezolana Eprotel, C.A. • Simtel • Empresas de Informaticica • Ingedigit • Nokia de Venezuela

Miami - Lenovo Latin America • Ingram Micro • Tech Data • Citrix L/A • Stryker L/A

Alliance Resources

When an engagement requires some particular research, planning or operational expertise, Group Lamerica can involve our network of alliance and business partners to assist in the successful conclusion of the project.  These resources are available both in the U.S. and Latin America.




Additional Information Resources

If you are trying to get a better understanding why expanding a business into Latin America could make sense for your company, you might find the following information sources helpful.

US Commerce Department

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